About Experience Albania

Bespoke Travel & MICE

We are your Destination Management Company for Albania, offering bespoke MICE experiences to this hidden gem. We are an accredited partner to The Travel Collection, placing us among the top DMCs for the Nordic countries to Albania.

Our Real Estate department offers a one-stop shop for purchasing a second home in Albania. Furthermore, we offer investment consultancy within tourism, natural resources, environment, food and fashion.

Through our Swedish and Albanian roots, we understand the needs of our business to business clients, the end client and our Albanian partners. We ensure an authentic experience of the country paired with personal service excellence. Through our cross cultural eyes, we provide a unique picture of Albania, its people and integrity.

Accredited Partner to the Travel Collection

We are an accredited partner to The Travel Collection, placing Experience Albania among the top destination management companies for the Nordic countries to Albania.

The Travel Collection is an industry leader in the field of DMCs, and they represent some of the most highly regarded names in the travel industry. They are the one-stop-provider for the travel industry in Nordic countries with over 100 countries represented, and the go-to agency for a trustworthy partner.

The Travel Collection have a unique accreditation program – in fact the only one in the Nordics – which ensures pristine quality throughout their offer. We consider them to be our perfect match, not only in terms of reliability, but also due to our shared values with regards to sustainability, quality, authenticity and pure love for what we do.


A pioneering Force for Sustainable Destination Development


We Value

Integrity & Authenticity

Human & Environmental sustainability

Sustainable Development

Generosity & Hospitality



Our mission is to be a pioneering force for sustainable destination development in Albania, support entrepreneurs and create meaningful job opportunities. We want to facilitate an authentic Albanian Experience to every client who visits the country.

We believe that Albania is already at the forefront of sustainable development through its authentic, heart led and peaceful people, its rich agricultural traditions and ecological produce, and the young generations who preserve and innovate Albanian traditions and customs.


Our vision is to become the first choice Destination Management Company for employees, travel agencies, companies, tourists and Albanian stakeholders through heart led, authentic leadership and personal service excellence.

Our partners

Our partners share our mission, vision and values. They are our our friends who run hotels, restaurants, cafés and businesses in Albania – people who have a big place in our hearts and have Albania in their hearts.


Our Albanian partners are proud of their Albanian heritage and the wealth of the country. They are part of building the future Albania through their heritage with a modern, sustainable, natural view. We love to work together since we understand each other and see the huge potential in what we are doing for the country and its people.

We offer a platform for dialogues and partnerships within tourism, investment projects and creative projects through profound knowledge, respect and understanding of Albania, its history and future.

Swedish Partners

Our Swedish partners are businesses and individuals who have a curiosity and love for Albania and its creative future. People fall in love at first sight, and want to discover and experience more after their first vitis. The potential to be part of creating a natural, sustainable flow of tourist through their network of contacts in Sweden and Scandinavia. 

A Love Story

Marie and Flamur met through love, married, and built a life together in both their home countries – Sweden and Albania. Marie was astounded by the Albanian secret – the country’s wealth found no boundaries, and every time she described the beauty of her new country to people she met, a seed of curiosity was sown. Experience Albania was planted when friends and former business colleagues started to ask questions, visit and pursue investment opportunities in the country. They were attracted to the purity and potential, the wealth of the land and unique culture and history. When people visit, they fall in love. With the people, the nature and the food. That’s where our story starts.

Our Name And Intention

Our intention has always been to create an authentic Albanian experience for our visitors and partners. Whether a family beach holiday or business trip to a limestone quarry, we provide an authentic experience of the country we love. And there is so much to experience. Experience Albania thus became the perfect name for our business.

Bridging Cultures

In essence, we are bridging two cultures – Albania and Sweden – to contribute towards sustainable destination development of Albania. Combined, we have a unique knowledge of the tourism and destination management industry. Our strong roots in Albania and Sweden provide reassurance and security for our customers and partners.

Flamur Vila creates relationships to our Albanian partners, and with many years experience of hotel and restaurant management, he has a unique knowledge of the business. His Albanian heritage and heart constitutes the Albanian bridge pillar of our organisation.

With many years experience of destination management, tourism and business, Marie Vila is our Scandinavian bridge pillar with her presence as an innovative business leader and strong public business figure.

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