Bridging Albania and Scandinavia

We are An Albanian-Scandinavian consultancy that bridges business relations between Albania and Scandinavia

A Closer Look

We facilitate sustainable partnerships between Scandinavian investors and Albania – be it private, public sector, or state run strategic projects. Our qualities lie in our business expertise, ability to create relations and networks of contacts, and our understanding cross cultural communication. With our combined skills, experience, and ability to put together sublime teams of highly qualified people, our consultancy is applicable to every business area imaginable.

We are a family-run business, and wish to share with the world our love for authentic and sustainable life and business.

Our Expertise

We have many years experience of building and running businesses. Flamur as manager in 5 star hotels in Greece and restaurant owner in Albania, and Marie as a business consultant and the managing director of several stock listed companies in Sweden.

Today, we have an established network of contacts in Albania and Scandinavia, enabling us to facilitate projects in a vast range of areas. We offer our clients full professional, procedural and legal support. Perhaps most importantly, we are immersed in an understanding of the cultures (and business cultures) of Albania and Scandinavia, enabling smooth communication and understanding. We believe that the synergy of merging cultures is educating and transformational.

Value Base

Our curiosity leads us. We are a value driven business that consists of value driven individuals. We connect people with the right intentions, creating projects that benefit Albania in a sustainable manner with regards to its people, culture and environment. Win-win profit is so much greater than short terms single focused profits.

Nurturing Life

We view business as nurturing life. The Swedish word used to refer to the business sector is: “Näringsliv” – “Näring” meaning “nutrition”, and “liv” meaning “life”. We aspire to nurture life through our business and vice versa.
Albania and Scandinavia are our homes. When Flamur (from Albania) and Marie (from Sweden) fell in love, married and created a home together in Albania and Sweden, they started to receive business enquiries regarding investment in Albania.

Our consultancy has since grown parallel to this love story, and the merging of families and cultures, into a discovery of the future way of conducting business, with integrity and authenticity.

Project Areas

There is a rapidly increasing curiosity about and investment interest Albania. This is where our job starts. Our specific project areas include Scandinavian Business Start-ups, Tourism, Fashion, Energy and Minerals.

Our Business Consultants

Flamur VilA
+355 69 873 5866
+46 721 86 19 06

Flamur’s Albanian heritage, heart-led entrepreneurship and love for people has resulted in a vast personal network throughout Albania, within business, municipality and government. He is our senior consultant in our Albanian office, managing projects that bridge Albania and Scandinavia within a range of different areas.

Having spent his entire career within the hotel- and restaurant business in Albania, Greece and Italy – ranging from five-star resorts to owning and running one of Albania’s most popular restaurants – Flamur is a culinary artist, with a passion for the entire culinary experience and the tradition of food as medicine. He represents genuine service that comes from the heart, of the caliber that we will see more of in the future.

Marie Vila
+355 699 848 488

+46 76 868 68 37

Marie has had a long career as director within large stocklisted international corporations, such as Oriflame, Bong, and a number of international hotel chains.

Her unique and authentic leadership received early recognition, and she has throughout the years received appointments such as Future Leader by the Junior National Chamber of Commerce, Managing Director of the Year by Oriflame and Female Entrepreneur of the year by DS Association.

She has now founded Experience Albania together with Flamur Vila. A new business adventure has started.

We look forward to receiving your Business request.