Hiking in Albania’s breathtaking Nature

Experience Albania’s rich nature – spectacular greenery, the grand mountains and jade blue riverbeds. Hiking in the northern Alps, rolling foothills, wild riverbeds and lush forests. Fantastic mountain food cooked over an open fire, the fresh mountainous air saturated with wild herbal scents.

Albania’s spectacular mountains of the north are renowned. Every year, hikers from France, Germany, Austria and many other countries explore Albania’s alps. Majestic and relatively undiscovered, they offer breathtaking experiences for hikers who want to become one with nature. Theth reaches nearly 2600 meters above sea level and offers fantastic hiking. Not far from here lies the lively and beautiful river Valbona, which also offers fantastic hiking.

In 4×4’s, our mountain guides will take you to the most spectacular places. Their knowledge of the mountains make the experience extraordinary. Albania offers everything from easy to difficult hiking trails, to suit all interests and abilities.

Hiking opportunities extend across the country, offering varying landscapes and scenery. We offer everything from day hikes to spectacular excursions along wild riverbeds, rich agricultural landscapes, to the shepherds’ trails in foothills and mountains.

Water is one of Albania’s  greatest resources. The country has a never-ending supply of pure spring water.

There are spectacular stretches of coastline to discover, for those who also want beaches, sea, sun and swimming.

The traditional mountain food cooked over an open fire is one of Albania’s culinary highlights – meat, yogurt dishes, fermented vegetables, river fish and much more.

Why not add a day of horse bask riding, to alternate with hiking. Stop in the villages for authentic home made food in an Albanian home, one of many authentic highlights along the way.

We sleep in lovely mountain hotels and guest houses. Wake up to the sun piercing through the morning mist, and the rooster telling us it’s time to wake up. The fresh air is saturated with the scent of herbs and pine.

Each travel program is tailored to the specific interests and needs of the group.

Practical Information:

Bespoke Group Travel

We believe in group travel with a purpose. We arrange tailored group travel for friends, companies and organisations and special interest groups who seek an authentic travel experience in Albania.

With our Swedish-Albanian eyes, we cherry pick the best experiences for each group individually.


Length of trip: 3-10 days 

6-20 people

Experience Albania will arrange your entire stay in Albania. Please note, we do not arrange flight tickets. For travel to Albania, we recommend booking with a travel agent.

Our travel setup is commonly 50% hosted or guided travel experiences, and 50% own time to explore and enjoy.

We Arrange

Airport Transfer

All transport and logistics in Albania

Tailored travel program

Activities and tours

Accommodation in carefully selected hotels

Culinary experiences and the best restaurants

Our best tips & recommendations for own time

Specialised guides

Host from Experience Albania

Please note, we do not arrange flight tickets.
We recommend booking through a travel agent.


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