Dajti – Adventure is only a Cable Car Ride Away from the Heart of Tirana

by Sep 4, 2017

From Tirana, there is a cable car that takes you up to Mount Dajti and Dajti National Park. At just above 1600 m above sea level, Mount Dajti is the grand backdrop to the entire city of Tirana. It’s Tirana’s very own hausberg (every city should really have their own house mountian). You can access the peak of the mountain, also referred to as the balcony of Tirana for its pristine view, by a modest mountain path. Dajti National Park is the home to diverse ecosystems and its fragmented topography is to thank for the biodiversity and rich flaura and fauna. There is so much to explore! From kind paths to more challenging hiking trails. Whatever you choose to do, you are guaranteed breathtaking views of the landscape and city below.