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Albania’s Culinary Treasures

Pick, harvest, process and enjoy! We visit vineyards, olive oil factories, agrotoursim farms and family gardens. From humble roadside restaurants in the middle of nowhere to top restaurants with former Noma chefs in the kitchen – you will be served outstanding culinary experiences and creative environments.

Everybody who visits Albania returns home remembering the fantastic food. Nearly everything grows in the country (with the exception of some exotic fruits), thanks to 300 days of sunshine per year, the varied topography and the never-ending supply of water from the mountains. The country’s culinary heritage is rich, and young chefs are rediscovering and preserving this cultural heritage. Albanian cuisine has gained increased international attention recently, and international visitors travel to the country’s restaurants, agrotourism farms and vinyards to find out what this little country has been hiding in its culinary treasure chest.

The country is covered with olive trees, fruit orchards, nut trees and the list continues. The Ionian and Adriatic sea, alongside large lagoons provide fresh mussels, fish and seafood.

The soil is rich with nutrients and farming has not been industrialised. Small farms and family gardens are the main source of agricultural produce. Everywhere along the roads, you will find stands with people selling sunkissed fruits and vegetables according to season.

The restaurants are numerous and serve fantastic food. Nearly every restaurant has its own farm. The flavors are heavenly.

We arrange bespoke travel plans tailored to specific interests and needs.


Practical Information:

Bespoke Group Travel

We believe in group travel with a purpose. We arrange tailored group travel for friends, companies and organisations and special interest groups who seek an authentic travel experience in Albania.

With our Swedish-Albanian eyes, we cherry pick the best experiences for each group individually.


Length of trip: 3-10 days 

6-20 people

Experience Albania will arrange your entire stay in Albania. Please note, we do not arrange flight tickets. For travel to Albania, we recommend booking with a travel agent.

Our travel setup is commonly 50% hosted or guided travel experiences, and 50% own time to explore and enjoy.

We Arrange

Airport Transfer

All transport and logistics in Albania

Tailored travel program

Activities and tours

Accommodation in carefully selected hotels

Culinary experiences and the best restaurants

Our best tips & recommendations for own time

Specialised guides

Host from Experience Albania

Please note, we do not arrange flight tickets.
We recommend booking through a travel agent.


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