Blue Eye – A magical Water Spring in a Fairytale Forest

by Oct 21, 2017

On our recent tour of the Riviera coast in the south, we found so many fun spontaneous detours that we almost didn’t have time for our last planned stop – Syri i Kaltër (or Blue Eye ) – a water source where crystal-clear water bubbles up from a depth of 50 meters , with discharge rate of 18400 liters per second. But at the last minute, Flamur steered the mini-bus towards the site anyway. We just have to take our guests here! And we were happy for that decision.

We waded, jumped, dived and played in the magical water. It is very cold, but somehow the sensation of the beautiful surroundings makes you forget the temperature. Lapis blue dragonflies danced with each other in the fresh air under massive oak trees. My senses are enticed to discover the surroundings, my skin is charged and soft, and I feel alive.