Day Tour:

Culture & Agroutourism

A cultural and culinary visit to the beautiful city of Shkodër in the north. Shkodër is often referred to as the center of Albanian Catholicism, culture and religious harmony. We will visit the spectacular Rozafa Castle, The Marubi National Photomuseum, the Venice Art Mask Factory, and have lunch by lake. On the way back, we will visit the renowned Agrotourism farm Mrizi i Zanave for a spectacular dinner of traditional Albanian cuisine.

Practical Information

Price: €105 per person

Host, transport, coffee, guide in Shkodër, entrance to Rosafa castle, Marubi National Photo Museum, Venice Art Mask Factory, lunch in Shkodër and dinner at Mrizi i Zanave.

Comfortable walking shoes, sunhat/cap.

Group information:
Our day tours are for between 2-6 people. Upon request, we can arrange transportation for bigger groups. For bigger and smaller groups, prices will vary accordingly.

Price: upon request

Booking & Contact:
+355 69 951 0571‬