Day Tour

Beach – City – History

A day in the beautiful riviera city of Vlorë. We will visit magnificent beaches. Depending on your preferences, we choose long, sandy beaches, rocky coves or smooth pebbled beaches. You will be aquainted with the renowned, newly built beach promenade that stretches several kilometers. The drive to Kaninë Castle is spectacular, and the view of Vlorë Bay from the castle is even more spectacular. Our favourite lunch restaurant will serve fresh fish and seafood. The city center offers ample shopping opportunities. A day to remember in the beautiful city of Vlorë!

Practical Information

Price: €110 per person

Host, transport, fruits, lunch at our favourite lunch restaurant, coffee. Relaxing time at beach club, visit to the Kaninë castle, Narta Lagoon and the Shën Marie Monestary.

Comfortable walking shoes, flip-flops, swimsuit and towel, sunhat/cap.

Group information:
Our day tours are for between 2-6 people. Upon request, we can arrange transportation for bigger groups. For bigger and smaller groups, prices will vary accordingly.

Price: upon request

Booking & Contact:
+355 69 951 0571‬