Sarandë: Busy Beachwalk and Paradise Coast

by Oct 13, 2017

Nicknamed The Honeymoon City, Sarandë offers a vibrant summer city pulse, a nearby UNESCO Cultural World Heritage and surrounding secluded, paradisic beaches.

Fishing and agriculture are the main trades, and tourism is gaining importance for the region’s economy. The shepherds inhabiting the hilly landscape are an important part of the region. The cheese here is the most flavorful that we’ve tasted in Albania. You will find exceptionally good food and fresh produce growing just around the corner, all year around. Butrint, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located 20 km away. The city is buzzing with restaurants and nightlife along the beach boulevard. This region was the first to open for tourism in Albania, and one can easily fly to Corfu and just take the boat over to Sarandë.

Butrint National Park is located south of the city. It’s a beautiful drive between the foothills in the east, hilly landacape bordering the coast and Lake Butrint, a beautiful saltwater lagoon and mussel farming.