Tirana – The Colourful Capital City with a Creative Vibe

by Jan 26, 2018

The Illyrian city. Tirana was one of the first settlements in Albania. There have been excavations made in Pelumba cave, on the mountain of Dajti behind Tirana. These show that there were settlements here 30 000 years ago.

Inside the city there are interesting remains from Roman times. Today the city is a bustling melting pot of culture and city life. It is the business center and the capital of Albania. Here you meet everything from cows and donkeys to to exclusive cars at any road crossing. These paradoxes make this city one of our favorite European capitals.

Tirana is the green city, with many parks and green boulevards. The mayor just declared that he planted an additional 300,000 trees in the region. The people have a special relationship to the trees, which is beautiful and fascinating and in our view very progressive. In the culture and folklore, you find songs for every tree and every flower, which is indicative of the inherent respect for nature.

There are interesting remnants from the dictatorship. Brutalist architecture such as the Pyramid of Tirana is a fascinating landmark in the heart of the city. It was built to serve as a museum of the legacy of the late dictator Enver Hoxa, co-designed by his daughter. Since the 90’s it has had a number of different uses. Urban playground and modern art canvas can be added as one today.

The red thread through Tirana is certainly color. Everywhere, you can find colorful murals, park benches, zebra crossings, buildings, cafés and restaurants.

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