Unboxing Natalie and Filip’s new Apartment in Vlorë

by Apr 28, 2018

Check out Natalie and Filip’s unboxing video, shot in February when they visited their finished and partly furnished apartment in Vlorë for the first time! In 2 months or so, the young couple will move into their new apartment in Vlorë and spend the summer discovering the beauty of Vlorë and Albania. We suspect that they will have many guests visiting them =) Our design and construction team have been working on the finishing details during the winter months, as the building is newly built and the apartment needed a kitchen, storage solutions, painting etc. Natalie and Filip are very pleased with the final result, as are we!

They decided to buy an apartment in Albania because they love it here. Natalie’s gut feeling said that Vlorë was the place for them. The combination of so much breathtaking nature to explore, riviera style beaches and cool city life really makes Vlorë stand out from the crowd. A new life adventure is starting for natalie and Filip. Congratulations!

It was an eventful trip – Filip also proposed to Natalie and she said yes. Maybe the celebrations will take place in Albania… who knows =)


Welcome Home!

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